"this sun always sets again and these flowers will always fade, this world always stops" ♪

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Darren Hayes is a dream, my dream. [And I don't care he's gay.]


Bem mais que o tempo
Que nós perdemos.
Ficou pra trás
Também o que nos juntou.

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Twitter #AskOutlander recap:


What we learned from Sam:

  • Sam was apparently tweeting from a pub. Good lad.
  • When asked if he or Cait would like to direct an episode, he said it would be a real challenge, but a great idea.
  • Sam said it was very comfortable to ride a horse in a kilt.
  • Graham apparently had trouble with…

It’s been really fun to see where the relationship goes between us.


It’s always a privilege and a little bit terrifying, to play someone that the world has a set, fixed idea of. So, it’s been really fun playing with expectations… …It’s been a challenge, but it’s been such fun!

Behind the scenes interview with Tom Riley on the set of Doctor Who ‘Robot of Sherwood’ - part 1.

Ah! Esse texto é para o Kleine.


Oi, Marquinhos. Tudo bem? Então… se você tiver lendo esse texto já é uma honra pra mim.

Comecei a te seguir e prestar muita atenção em você, no que você posta e como trata seus fãs. E não vou negar que me encantei muito por você.

A banda já teve guitarristas tão fodas e daí você entra pra…